Glossary of Linguistic Terms

Preparatory Condition


A preparatory condition is a state of affairs that

  • must be presupposed by the speaker in employing a particular illocutionary force, and
  • is a necessary condition for the nondefective employment of that force

    • including any conditions necessary due to the mode of achievement, but
    • excluding any limitations regarding the

      • nature of the propositional content of the illocutionary act (because these relate to its content, not its force), and
      • presuppositions of the speaker's sincerity in performing it.
  • The force of making a promise, in which the speaker presupposes his or her own capability of performing the promised action
  • The distinction between promising and threatening

  • The act of promising presupposes the addressee’s concern that the promised action be taken, whereas the act of threatening presupposes some harm in the action.


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