Glossary of Linguistic Terms

Misplacement Marker


A misplacement marker is a device used in a turn of conversation to indicate that the turn is in some way out of place.



In the last turn of the following exchange, by the way indicates that the turn is somewhat out of place:

  • H: So, maybe we can have lunch together tomorrow?
  • X: Okay, yeah, it’s, yes it’s fine, yes.
  • H: I’ll give you a call, I’ll give you a call tomorrow then, all right?
  • X: Um, hang on, one thing, I’m lecturing, um, that’s okay. I’m lecturing, I finish at 12:15.
  • H: Okay, 12:15. We’ll go to Shatin or someplace.
  • X: Yeah, yeah, sounds good.
  • H: Okay then.
  • X: Okay.
  • H: How do you feel, by the way?
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